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Basic Make-up Artist

Learn the basic make-up technics from our lead make-up artist Nelly Morena.  


Our Make-up Basic Course is available for 750 € incl. 19% VAT.


We learn in 5 days the basic knowledge to be a make-up artist.

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Small groups

The best learning situation can be done in small groups.


In our basic course we give you an insight into the make-up artist profession. We learn what a make-up artist needs to know. These include the basics of morphology and the first veneering techniques of eyeshadows, as well as color and type advice. In this course you will learn from nude make-up to the best age make-up (make-up 50+).


Nelly Morena has a long-term education as make-up artist in Paris. She has worked in numerous productions for film and photography. Mediated very passionly, with a lot of information, the topic of make-up.

Basic Make-up Artist Program: 

The goal of the make-up look

Detect skin typ

Select suitable primer

Detect skin tones

Choose the right foundation

Hygiene at working place

Preparation of the skin

You will come in contact with our high quality CONE products and learn to use them properly. You will get to know different textures and their handling.

Foundation application with brush and sponge

Highlights and Contouring

Concealer technique

Rouge technique

Powder technique

Hooded eyes

Smokey eye technique

Eyeliner technique

Pencil technique

Eyebrow styling

Cut Crease

Color Wheel

Complementary Colors

Color Effect

Eye Shapes

Eyebrow Shapes

Face Shapes

Lip Forms

Nose Shapes

Proper product selection

Important things to consider

The right make-up technic for mature skin

Best Age Make-up 50+

Nude Look (Glow Skin)

Red Carpet Look

Beauty Make-up

Day Make-up

Night Make-up

Bridal Make-up


Make-up Demostration

Each technique is demonstrated on a model and explained in detail. So the training content can be recorded perfectly and stay in your memory so well.

Practical Exercise
All the learning content will be practiced in the afternoon on a model. Nelly Morena is always there for you to provide corrections and assistance. Here you can show what you have learned and get immediate feedback on your work.

All products are provided by us free of charge and can be used and tested indefinitely in the course.

Please bring your own brushes!

At the end of the training, we will give each participant a personal

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