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The Founder Nelly Morena

One of the founder and Beauty Creative Director Nelly Morena is a passionate make-up artist who has spend long time in Paris to collect her knowledge about make-up. 

She was running long time an exclusive distribution for a french professional make-up brand and shared her skills over 5 years with students from all over the world in her own make-up school. In this time she received a lot of feedback from students and customers about missing colors and products. The idea of creating her own cosmetic brand was already born at that time. 

Nelly Morena always dreamed of creating and developing colors for every skin color in this world. Every woman on earth should feel pretty and powerful in their own skin, no compromises anymore! Now her dream became true. 

All our products are made in Germany in own laboratory. We create also our own formulas and colors.  We try to follow the demands of our customer and hear for their needs. In this way is CONE laboratory and concept unique in the world. 

Also you can be a part of our CONE Family!