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Getting the right foundation color is the most challenging task in the beauty industry. There are a few solution, but always with too many compromises. The result is that most of the time a foundation color do not really match with the skin color. At the same time the pigmentation is too low. 

CONE, as a multi ethnic brand, has developed the most advanced color system in the market. Now you are able to choose the correct undertone and the correct shade brightness very precisely in a mathematical numbered color code system. All colors are furmulated digitally with latest color technology. 

This makes us able to provide for every skin color the right foundation tone. Now you don´t need to make compromises again.

Learn How To Use Our Color System

The natural skin goes from reddish to yellowish skin undertones with different color saturations and shades. In the CONE Foundation Color System you are able to choose very precisely a skin undertone and a shade to match the right skin color. 

We use 3 dimensions in our color code:

  • Undertone
  • Shade 
  • Strength / Saturation

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